AAOS 75th Celebratory Products

The 75th Anniversary history project, Embracing the Past, Branching into the Future, illustrates some of the orthopaedic challenges and successes of the last 75 years. As orthopaedic surgeons solved many of the challenges posed by scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and orthopaedic trauma to name but a few, orthopaedics evolved to become the highly refined specialty it is today. This important history is documented through Academy members’ powerful stories, photographs, and artifacts.

The Academy is offering a number of fantastic commemorative items to you, and most at no cost, including films, books, a postcard, and an exhibit that chronicles the last 75 years of orthopaedics. Celebrate with your Academy and order the items described below for your homes, offices, reception areas, and patients.

CD_Label(Moving Pictures)

Moving Pictures: Film in DVD Format

The 75th Anniversary historical film Moving Pictures reflects on the last 75 years of orthopaedic innovation and development by researchers, surgeons, industry, and happenstance. The story is conveyed largely through the personal stories of orthopaedic surgeons and patients. Orthopaedic Allegro is a stunning visual display of photographs from the last 75 years set to heart-pounding music with a moving tribute to orthopaedics in the 20th Century. To order a DVD with Moving Pictures (including a trailer), and Orthopaedic Allegro, please contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 and pay only the cost of shipping.



Moving Stories: The Book

Moving Stories: Seventy-five Years of Orthopaedic Surgery is rich with images, personal stories, and timelines noting significant events in the history of orthopaedics. This coffee table book commemorates the Academy's Diamond Jubilee. To order Moving Stories, please contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 and pay only the cost of shipping.




Getting It Straight, A History of American Orthopaedics

“Get it Straight” with a historical reference book - this ambitious text, Getting it Straight: A History of American Orthopaedics, documents the development of the specialty, historical markers, and medical advances in areas such as fracture care, manipulation, and surgery, in addition to the history of AAOS and other orthopaedic societies. To order Getting it Straight for $95 nonmember, $75 member and $60 resident plus shipping and handling, please contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or email custserv@aaos.org


 moving-stories-postcard 75th Anniversary Postcards

These beautiful postcards can be used in conjunction with Moving Stories: The Exhibit as invitations, or print on the back for a beautiful informational piece for a reception you're planning around the exhibit. To order postcards (in packs of 25), please contact AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 and pay only the cost of shipping.