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 The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is pleased to provide you with the toolkit to make hosting the Moving Stories traveling exhibit and film a most rewarding experience for you and your constituents. The exhibit tells the stories of orthopaedic surgeons and their patients during a period of innovation from the birth of the Academy through today and into the future. Hosting the exhibit will provide your guests the opportunity to learn about the seminal orthopaedic challenges and solutions of the last 75 years. The staff at AAOS is dedicated to helping you make the most of bringing this powerful exhibit to your facility, meeting or state capitol. After you have completed the showing of the Moving Stories exhibit and/or the associated film, Moving Pictures, please take the time to fill out the evaluation form on page 12 of the toolkit [LINK TO TOOLKIT].  (4MB)

Host Considerations and Checklist: 

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has prepared a checklist of considerations to assist those interested in hosting Moving Stories: The Traveling Exhibit. The Academy provides freight transportation costs and insurance for the exhibit. Hosts are expected to assume all responsibility for planning, managing and funding the costs associated with the exhibition, including space, equipment, installation/de-installation and signage. 

Moving Stories: The Traveling Exhibit

About the AAOS: Circular Display, The New Century, Polio, The War Years, Scoliosis, Joint Replacement, Specialties, The Future, Orthopaedic Industry, Hip Replacement Lighted Display, and Pop Up Banners. It will take two people a full day (4-6 hours) to set up, and a full day (4-6 hours) to break down, the entire exhibit. Depending on the length of stay and your space, you may want to choose a limited number of kiosks (i.e., two for a weekend venue). This will reduce set-up and break-down time. 

Space and Installation Considerations:

  • Size of area available?
  • Dates of exhibition and hours open?
  • Cost of space?
  • Is the lighting sufficient, or will additional lighting be necessary?
  • Most kiosks have optional lighting. Are outlets available?
  • Will the facility help promote the exhibit?
  • Who will determine placement of the exhibit?
  • Are personnel available to uncrate, install, break down, re-crate and ship the exhibit?
  • Is there space to store empty crates?


  • The Academy will cover the cost of shipping, arrange shipping and provide labels for you to ship the exhibit to the next venue.

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Public Relations Specialist

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